Bank Koltso Urala says SMEs grow more interested in CL

June 25, 2014. The owners of small and medium enterprises are now opening credit lines increasingly more often. The service only used to be popular with big businesses before, Bank Koltso Urala’s press service reports.

According to head of the bank’s SME Lending Department Marina Smirnova, representatives of SMEs followed in the footsteps of managers of big enterprises this year by showing a better quality approach to managing their businesses and turning to special-purpose banking products.

‘For one, we observe an interest in the opening of credit lines that make it possible to plan for seasonal purchases and buy summer supplies in the spring and fall/winter supplies in the summer. This is a positive trend, as it is always better to mend your sails when the weather is fine,’ Smirnova said.

A credit line can be as big as 10m RUR.

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