Koltso Urala issues over 14bn RUR worth of loans to private individuals

September 18, 2013. Bank Koltso Urala's retail loan book is now over 14bn RUR big.

September typically stands for the start of the business activity season, and this is also true of consumer lending. People come bank from their vacations and summer houses and get down to buying new homes and cars and getting their children ready for school. Bank Koltso Urala's loans proved particularly popular thanks to their improved terms and conditions, convenient services, and the bank's expanded branch network, Koltso Urala reports.

This noticeable increase in the bank's loan book made Koltso Urala one of Yekaterinburg's top three banks in terms of lending portfolio (according to the weekly Delovoy Kvartal). What is more, the bank was Russia's No.60 in terms of lending to private individuals last year (according to RBC Rating). The bank's loan book rose by 14% in one year.

The bank is now offering as many as five loan schemes to its customers: these can meet the demands of very diverse target groups. You can apply for the loan in any of the bank's 75 offices, via the bank's website, or over the phone 8-800-500-50-11.

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