Russian Copper Company joins Russian Union of Industrialists & Employers

June 16, 2014. President of the Russian Union of Industrialists & Employers Alexander Shokhin signed a certificate which confirmed Russian Copper Company Group joining the organization he leads.

‘We operate in the real sector of economy, we put up ore mining enterprises that remain unmatched on the post-soviet arena, build plants from scratch, and upgrade old production facilities. I am positive that our membership will be very beneficial to the Union – we are truly aware of the sector’s peculiarities, pay great attention to corporate social responsibility projects, and are willing to share our experience to improve overall business climate,’ says President of Russian Copper Company Vsevolod Levin.

The Union aims to consolidate the efforts Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs make to improve business environment, to enhance the status of Russian business nationally and globally, and to support the balance of interests relating to society, authorities, and businesspeople.

‘Russian Copper Company is celebrating its first serious ‘anniversary’ this year: in 2014, it is going to be ten years old. Over this decade, the Group has evolved from a local Urals-based company to an international enterprise. Russian Copper Group is currently Russia’s third largest copper manufacturer in terms of production volume, one of the Urals’ primary taxpayers, and a company that employs nearly 8,000 people, the Group’s PR Department says.

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