KBTM finishes data processing center

June 11, 2014. Omsk Transport Machine-Building Design Bureau (KBTM, a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) keeps working on the launch of new information technologies.

According to the corporation's press service, the company ran a test launch of a computer-aided contract confirmation system, and all the work on the data processing center was completed in June.

Pre-launch preparations, from designing and upgrading the premises for the data processing center to delivery and assembly to start-up and commissioning of all the equipment of both the engineering and the computing infrastructure, took eight months.

'A highly reliable server farm based on IBM equipment is at the core of the new center's computational infrastructure. A scalable and easy-to-use solution was chosen to set up the data storage system – a data storage platform that now makes it possible to consolidate the resources the company has and dynamically to build up its capacity in the future. Besides, Hyper-v, a virtualization system made by Microsoft, allows its users to optimize resource spending, enhance the system's speed and flexibility, make more applications available, and reduce machinery and energy spending,' the company says.

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