ChTZ-Uraltrac launches container filling station

May 30, 2014. ChTZ-Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) launched a container filling station that was designed and produced by OOO AltaiSpetsIzdeliya in Barnaul by order of Uralvagonzavod.

According to the corporation’s press service, the symbolic red ribbon was cut in the course of the opening ceremony by ChTZ Deputy Director for Corporate and Property Issues Alexander Anikin, Director-General of UBT-UVZ Igor Korkunov, and Director of UBT’s ChTZ-Uraltrac branch Allan Varziyev.

The new filling station does not require any underground tanks and can be used in an unmanned mode. The station is installed next to the company’s vehicle department, at the very heart of the plant.

‘The launch of this station is quite a significant event for ChTZ, since the old filling station is no longer in use (its machinery is extremely worn out and does not meet any safety requirements). Now the new filling station can fill up to 500 vehicles a day and offers three kinds of fuel – diesel fuel, Gasoline 92, and Gasoline 95. The containers’ capacity if 30 m3,’ says Director-General of UBT-UVZ Igor Korkunov.

The filling is completed with the help of a plastic card: the driver places the card upon the terminal and gets the necessary amount of fuel.

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