Russia moves 4 positions up in competitiveness rating

23 May 2014 (14:02)

May 23, 2014. Improvements in government efficiency and infrastructure resulted in Russia moving up in a competitiveness rating that was carried by International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne today, Prime reports.

The Russian Federartion is now 4 points higher than a year earlier and stands in the 38th place. The rating comprised 60 countries that were scrutinized along 333 criteria grouped into four basic categories: economic indicators, government efficiency, business efficiency, and the state of the infrastructure.

'Considerable improvements were observed in the government efficiency aspect, primarily due to the current state of the government-controlled funds,' says IMD Senior Economist Anne-France Borgeaud.

The Russian Government is in the 37th place in the rating in terms of efficiency, which is actually 6 points better than a year earlier. In terms of the state of the government-controlled funds, Russia is in the 11th place, and in terms of its fiscal policy, Russia is in the 21st place.

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