Supply on Yekaterinburg existing homes market drops 11% in Q1'14

4 April 2014 (13:08)

April 4, 2014. Prices on Yekaterinburg existing homes market kept growing slightly in January-March 2014; by the end of the quarter, the figure was 2% higher than at the beginning of the year, Ural Chamber of Real Estate's press service says.

Prices increased by 1% to 2.8% depending on the market segment. According to the Chamber's analysts, the median price of one square meter of existing housing put up to sale amounted to 74,251 RUR on March 31, 2014.

The supply declined by 11% compared with the start of the year. There are currently 7,500 apartments in the Chamber's database; the supply of rooms in communal apartments shrank to nearly the same extent: the database currently comprises 1,400 such rooms, which is 11.5% less than in December 2013.

'Despite this fact, customers can still enjoy a good choice. Besides, increasingly more customers have been buying on the new homes market, where the record-setting 2.38m sq m are put up yearly,' the press service says.

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