Uraltransmash to complete state order for 2014 in the summer

March 28, 2014. Uraltransmash (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) held a meeting on progress with fulfilling the state defense order for 2014.

According to the corporation’s press service, the meeting was attended by representatives of the company itself as well as officials from spare parts supplier companies from different parts of Russia and the Defense Ministry.

‘The meeting was devoted to the essential aspects of fulfilling the state defense order for 2014, changes in the financing and pricing policies, and technical problems related to making special-purpose products as well as preparing special-purpose vehicles for the Victory Day Parade in Moscow. Experts believe the state order will only be increasing in volume over the next few years. This is why the defense enterprise is faced with the challenge of making more special-purpose goods while adhering to the technological cycle for making armaments and military vehicles,’ the message says.

The corporation reports Uraltransmash’s technical base and production capacity are indicators of the fact that the enterprise is quite ready to meet the target figures.

‘A few months earlier, the company DG Alexei Nosov announced the goal of fulfilling the state defense order in the middle of rather than by the end of the year, that is, as soon as the summer. Meeting this goal will depend on a number of factors, including co-working with spare parts suppliers. The success of Uraltransmash a member enterprise of the corporation, will, in its turn, promote the suppliers’ prosperity and fulfillment of their contracts,’ the press service says.

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