Ural motorcycles joining Olympics opening ceremony does not raise sales

18 February 2014 (11:20)

February 18, 2014. The fact that Ural motorcycles made in Irbit Motorcycle Plant (a member enterprise of OOO Russian Motorcycles) took part in the Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi has not had any impact on sales so far. However, the enterprise reports that quite a few customer queries were made, which allows for hope for more orders, the plant representative told UrBC.

Now on February 7, 20 red Ural motorcycles (the make called Tourist) were featured during the opening ceremony of the 22nd winter Sochi Olympics.

'In the retrospective show presented, the motorcycles acted as the symbol of Russia's technical achievements of the fifties,' the enterprise explains.

'The featuring of the motorcycles has not affected sales yet, but we did have a lot of queries, mostly from abroad. This is why we think the show will have an impact on sales after all, and we expect an increase in those.We've got quite a few orders for the next six months, but if we get more, we'll naturally be quite happy,' says the plant's Senior Marketing & Sales Manager Marina Vokhmyanina.

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