VUZ-Bank proves one of top 20 banks most popular on the Internet

17 January 2014 (11:17)

January 17, 2014. Birzhevoy Leader carried a rating of Russian banks' popularity on the Internet based on the data provided by Yandex and on the number of followers within social network groups. In terms of Yandex search queries, VUZ-Bank is one of the top twenty banks that customers look for most often, the bank's press service reports.

21,988 queries were made relating to VUZ-Bank over the last month alone.

In terms of the number of registered users in VKontakte, VUZ-Bank is also one of Russia's top twenty banks: VUZ-Bank's group currently has over 2,000 subscribers.

All in all, the banks scores 15th among all the Russian banks in terms of Internet promotion.

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