Russia’s first low-floor tram gets tried out in Yekaterinburg

23 December 2013 (09:38)

December 23, 2013. Deputy Heads of Yekaterinburg Administration Evgeniy Lipovitch and Alexander Vysokinsky looked at the new makes of tramways on Friday, December 20.

According to Yekaterinburg Administration’s press service, the two officials took a ride on Russia’s first low-floor tram and also tested the carriages that are powered by accumulators. Both samples were assembled at Uraltransmash (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation).

According to the plant’s Chief Civil Goods Designer Vladimir Soloviev, the accumulator-powered trams can run for about 70km in the summer and for about 40km in the winter, as some of the power is spent on heating.

The Chief Designer said that the innovative solutions that were implemented in these tramways were very handy for the infrastructure of the city’s Academic District, where the tram network gets built from scratch, and with these trams, you don’t need the electric wires or the intermediary substations, as the trams will be charged at the final stops and when entering the city.

The low-floor tram creates an obstacle-free environment for people with disabilities and will make getting on and off a tram much easier for the elderly, the handicapped, and passengers with baby prams. This year, Uraltransmash experts completed the testing of the trams, had them commissioned by a special interdepartmental committee, and can now produce them on a commercial scale.

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