Bitcoin becomes legal tender in Yekaterinburg

16 December 2013 (09:41)

December 16, 2013. Bitcoin, the virtual money, can now serve as the official legal tender in Yekaterinburg. The discount bar chain Killfish (with HQ in Saint Petersburg) now officially allows one to pay the check with bitcoins in all of its cafes, including the ones in the Urals’ capital.

The chain announced the check could be paid with the help of a customer card, and the bitcoins get transferred into this card account via one’s electronic account on the bar chain’s website.

Killfish is the first registered organization in Russia to accept bitcoins as legal tender.

In late November, the bitcoin/USD exchange rate was 1 to more than $1,000. The virtual currency’s rate went up by about 7,600% in one year.

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