Sinara Development to build a kindergarten in Volgograd

December 13, 2013. A new city council-run kindergarten fit for 135 children will very soon appear in Novy Svet, a residential district that Sinara Development is putting up in Soviet District of Volgograd. The construction of a kindergarten will solve the problem of local kindergarten shortage, the company's press service says.

The new kindergarten is expected to be put up next to the first section of a housing block in Malinovsky St that was commissioned in July 2013. By the end of 2014, four more nine-storey apartment buildings with apartments for 600 Volgograd families will be commissioned as well. The kindergarten will start welcoming children at the same time.

The construction of this new pre-school establishment was made possible due to cooperation between the municipal authorities and the project investor. Sinara Development drew up the project documentation and built the engineering infrastructure around the kindergarten, while Volgograd Council selected a contractor within the framework of its long-term special purpose program called Pre-School Education Development.

According to Sinara Development Director-General Timur Ufimtsev, the company has proved successful in implementing public-private partnership projects aimed at multi-faceted area development. The PPP format makes it possible to put up entire districts with housing, shopping, and social infrastructure facilities with all the necessary communications and networks provided.

Novy Svet in Volgograd is one such example: this multi-faceted area development project is expected to solve the problem of the lack of affordable and comfortable housing in this big city with the population of over 1m people. At the project design stage, Sinara Development relied on the experience of European developers and on the feedback provided by the future apartment owners.

The construction of the entire district is supposed to be completed by 2016. The total area of housing will thus come to 90,000 sq m; the project will require more than 2.5bn RUR worth of investments.

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