Bank Koltso Urala is one of Sverdlovsk Region’s top three most profitable banks

26 November 2013 (09:20)

November 26, 2013. Bank Koltso Urala was rated Sverdlovsk Region’s 3d and Russia’s 88th most profitable banks in the nine months of 2013. On Monday, November 25,’s experts carried a analytical report based on the financial performance data from 939 lending institutions, Bank Koltso Urala’s press service reports.

Bank Koltso Urala made it to the local top three and the nation’s top 100 with the net profit of 504.556m RUR (as of October 2013). The bank’s financial performance improved by more than two times (101.23%) compared with a year earlier and let the bank move up by 48 positions in the rating. In October 2012, for one, the bank’s net profit was only 250.733m RUR.

The experts behind the rating say that, on the whole, the profitable banks’ profits (761.7bn RUR) and the losses of loss-making banks (10.3bn RUR) are compatible with last year’s figures, when they stood at 760.5bn RUR and 10.4bn RUR, respectively. It should be noted that out of 939 banks under study, 819 made a profit and 120 made a loss.

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