Uralvagonzavod to ship 3 DET 400 bulldozers to Cherepetskaya Power Station

November 28, 2013. ChTZ-Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod) is going to ship 3 DET 400 bulldozers to Cherepetskaya Power Station. The bulldozers will be used in putting up a new power generating unit and will also be operated at the station’s coal yard to transport coal, the corporation’s press service reports.

The warranty set of spare parts for the bulldozers will be delivered onto the nearest technical warehouse that belongs to the plant, which is in Moscow, so that the necessary parts could be delivered to the customers as soon as possible if necessary.

To launch the tractors, a group of ChTZ-Uraltrac experts and representatives of companies that supply electric machines and the electronic control system will come to the power station in Suvorov.

DET 400 is known to be a reliable machine that can operate in the conditions of increased humidity. Its electromechanical transmission ensures automatic speed adjustment.

The plant experts will train the local mechanics in how to conduct a technical inspection and the operators in how best to use the machine. All three units will be shipped in November 2013. Two of them are ready, and the assembly of the third one is nearly complete.

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