Ford Motor calls off over 160,000 Escape items

28 November 2013 (09:20)

November 28, 2013. Ford Motor announced that it was calling off more than 160,000 Escape units due to frequent cases of engine inflammation, RIA Novosti reports.

The process will involve cars with 1.6 liter engine assembled in 2013 and sold on the North American market. The company explains the problem is that the cylinder heads turned out not to be strong enough. This part of the engine was destroyed during operation, which resulted in some oil getting into the engine and caused inflammation. The company reports that 13 such cases have been registered.

In addition to the calling-off, the hoses of the fuel pipes will have to be inspected, as the Ford kept receiving customer complaints relating to the gasoline smell in the car.

Ford Motor points out these deficiencies did not cause any injuries or deaths.

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