Over 1,000 cars hijacked in Sverdlovsk Region in six months

11 July 2013 (11:13)

July 11, 2013. Over 1,000 automobiles have been stolen by hijackers since the beginning of the year. 817 out of about 1,000 stolen cars were Russian makes and only 252 were foreign vehicles, Sverdlovsk Region division of the State Road Safety Inspection reports.

VAZ-2106 and VAZ-21065 were the most popular cars with hijackers: 123 such makes were stolen, followed by 117 VAZ-2109, VAZ-21093, and VAZ-2114. VAZ-2105, VAZ-21074, with 70 stolen units, were in the third place. VAZ-1111, GAZ, and Chevrolet were stolen least often.

As for foreign cars, the ones that were hijacked most often were Toyota (39), Mazda (30), Hyundai (25), and Mitsubishi (21).

Automobiles are typically stolen from apartment block yards and in the streets, where the offenders can easily break into them. Over 70% of all the stealings took place in the night, between midnight and seven in the morning.

The State Road Safety Inspection advises the car owners not to leave their automobiles unattended for a long time, use alarm systems and anti-theft devices, and park their cars in secure parking lots.

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