Finnish startup Walkbase invested in by Leonid Volkov attracts another ?3m

November 14, 2013. Walkbase, an optimization platform for brick-and-mortar shops that got some investments from Projector Venture, a fund run by Yekaterinburg IT entrepreneur Leonid Volkov, attracted another ?3m worth of investments. The money was supplied by SBT Venture Capital and Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, former CEO Nokia, Walkbase’s press release says.

Walkbase was developed in Finland as a real-world navigation analysis platform that could be used by shopping malls and exhibition centers, for example.
‘The idea behind Walkbase is to give these traditional shops the same opportunities that the owners of web portal enjoy: the understanding of customer behavior. It lets one see what an airport’s visit depth is and what a shopping mall’s rejection rate is,’ Volkov says about the portal.

What’s more, Sberbnak, the primary investor for SBT Venture Capital, is going to use the Walkbase technology in its 18,000 branches all over the world.

Projector Venture, where Leonid Volkov is the Managing Partner, embarked on this startup project about a year ago, and as soon as March 2013, a Russian venture fund invested in Walkbase.

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