TRUST National Bank pays over 200,000 RUR for imposing services upon customer

28 October 2013 (16:30)

October 26, 2013. TRUST National Bank paid a fine of more than 200,000 RUR for imposing the terms of a contract upon a Yekaterinburg resident.

According to the press officer of Rospotrebnadzor, the lending institution included some clauses on extra payments into the three loan agreements that were signed with the customer. For one, the borrowing party had to pay a commission for the transfer of loaned money onto her account, and the monthly fee for the settlement services.

Besides, the bank made the borrower join the Collective Insurance Program: TRUST National Bank’s standard loan agreement had a default clause on the need to have one’s life and health insured when applying for a loan. The insurance fee was included into the total loan amount, and some interest rate was charged on it, too. What is more, the terms of the contract did not give the borrower any right to choose the insurer themselves: the customer was made to agree to the collective insurance within the framework of the contract between TRUST and Renaissance Life Insurance Company.

The borrowing party later applied to the bank, asking to be paid back the money that she was unlawfully charged. When her application was turned down, she took the case to court.

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