Trust National Bank Charges Illegal Loan Servicing Fee

13 August 2012 (09:17)

Oktyabrsky District Court partially sustained the claim of Trust National Bank’s customer and declared the bank’s charging a one-time fee for the transfer of a loan into a bank account (the fee came to 2,490 RUR) and a monthly fee for the servicing of the loan (o.99% of the loan sum) was illegitimate, the press service of Sverdlovsk Region division of Rospotrebnadzor reports.

The customer signed a loan contract with Trust; under the terms of the contract, the bank promised to give her 499,990 RUR for sixty months under an 18% annual interest rate; the borrowing party had to pay the fees for the settlement services (0.99% of the loan sum) and the monthly fee for the servicing of her bank account (2,490 RUR a month).

Now according to Article 16 of the Competition Protection Act, the terms of a contract that infringe upon a consumer’s rights against the terms stated by the laws or other normative acts of the Russian Federation in the field of consumer rights protection are declared invalid.

The out-of-court settlement turned out to be impossible, so the experts from Sverdlovsk Region Hygiene & Epidemiology Center’s Consulting Office drew up a bill of particulars to be submitted to the court.

The claim contained a demand that the bank’s actions relating to the fees be declared unlawful and that the bank pay back the money paid for the one-time and monthly loan servicing fees (86,638.3 RUR), the interest for using borrowed funds (5,469.99 RUR), the fine to the state for refusing to meet the consumer’s demands voluntarily and the expenses stemming from the need to draw up the bill of particulars (1,727 RUR), and moral damage compensation (10,000 RUR).

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