ŇĚĘ coordinates research to practice youth conference in Sochi

October 14, 2013. Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) coordinated the 9th research to practice your conference in Sochi that is targeted at involving the younger people in production problem-solving, production upgrades, launch of new technologies and modern managerial techniques as well as at developing their creative potential, the company’s press service reports.

‘The youth forum serves as a venue for sharing ideas, experience, and practices at TMK, promotes corporate culture development, and builds up on informal ties between different teams,’ the message states.

The traditional fall-time event is visited by TMK’s best young employees who were selected at their respective enterprises. To estimate their proposed projects, the conference invites experts from TMK management team and from the enterprises whose specialization corresponds with the nature of the respective conference sections as well as RosNITI researchers. In addition to the general agenda of the conference, the Best Young Foreman contest, the Young Talents concert, and a basketball tournament were held there.

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