Housing bills make up 18% of Russians’ spending in 2013

October 14, 2013. Russian citizens spent 13% of their income on rent and housing bills and 26% of their income on education. The share of money spent on buying shoes and clothes was 14% to 15%, Finmarket reports.

As for food items, Romir Research Center states that everyday consumer spending rose by 4% in September 2013 compared with August 2013 and by 15% compared with September 2012. The increase was due to a dramatic (over 1.5 times) rise in the spending on everyday non-food consumer goods, while the food spending actually dropped by 10% in nominal terms. The share of non-food items spending thus went up by 1.5 times and reached 46%.

This tendency for the proportions of non-food and food items spending in the Russians’ shopping basket to change has been noticeable for six months already, and this can be declared a pronounced trend in the medium term, Romir feels.

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