Uralvagonzavod launches mobile app RAE 2013

24 September 2013 (10:58)

September 24, 2013. A mobile app RAE 2013 is now available at App Store for iPad and iPhone and at Google Play for Nokia, HTC, and Samsung. The app keeps the user in the know of everything that goes on at the 9th International Arms, Military Vehicles, and Ammunition Exhibition Russia Arms Expo 2013; Uralvagonzavod Corporation is the general coordinator of the event.

'A visitor to RAE 2013 will easily find all the necessary information in this application, as the news and updates are structured in a user-friendly way. The most recent news, a description of the agenda and of the demonstration show, a 3D map of the exhibition area, photographs, and a list of participants are all right there available to the RAE 2013 visitor,' Uralvagonzavod's press service says.

What is more, after the exhibition closes, a summary of the media coverage on Russia Arms Expo 2013 will be added to the app; it will contain the most relevant information on the events that took place at the exhibition as well as on the exhibits, a number of interviews with those who took part in the exhibition, and much else besides.

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