Repairing Yekaterinburg roads for World Cup 2018 requires 16bn RUR

17 April 2014 (09:26)

April 17, 2014. Designers from Transport Integration Group took into account the proposals put forth by Yekaterinburg Council in terms of restoring the city roads in preparation for the World Football Championship of 2018, the council’s press service says.

The designers and the city council are currently looking into all the aspects relating to transport links connecting the near and the distant roads to Central Stadium and are getting ready to present their projects to the federal authorities.

Now Yekaterinburg Council expects to have almost 15 vital elements of the city’s transport infrastructure reconstructed and constructed for the Word Cup 2018.

All of the above-mentioned proposals were accounted for by the experts from Transport Integration Group, which won the tender for the reconstruction of the local road network, and were presented in the transport scheme (currently under final revision) that will be implemented in preparation for the World Football Championship of 2018. The implementation of these plans will actually require 16bn RUR worth of investments on the Russian Mundial coordinators’ part.

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