Yekaterinburg’s incomplete TV tower handed over to Sverdlovsk Region

September 13, 2013. The incomplete building of the TV tower in Yekaterinburg and the area surrounding it came to be owned by Sverdlovsk Region, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department reports.

The documents securing these new ownership rights with Sverdlovsk Region were signed in early September. At the same time, Sverdlovsk Region Public Property Management Ministry signed a paper on allocating a land allotment in Uktus for the construction of the new tower.

‘The typical design that was used in Saint Petersburg will serve as the foundation of this new project. The technical and aesthetical parameters of the said design meet the requirements that Yekaterinburg authorities impose on the structure,’ Sverdlovsk Region Public Property Management Minister Alexei Pyankov told Governor Evgeny Kuivashev.

By the end of September, the Public Property Management Ministry is to round up the tender for the best design project on the TV tower reconstruction.

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