RTRS Agrees to Transfer Ownership of Yekaterinburg TV Tower to Sverdlovsk Region

14 November 2012 (09:39)

November 14, 2012. Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS) Director-General Andrei Romanchenko and Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev met in Moscow on November 12 to finally agree on the mechanisms of transferring ownership rights over Yekaterinburg TV Tower to Sverdlovsk Region. This unfinished tower is located in Stepan Razin St, RTRS press service reports.

The meeting was also attended by Sverdlovsk Region Minister for Public Property Management Alexei Pyankov, RTRS First Deputy DG for Corporate Governance Pavel Stepanov, and Director of RTRS regional office Igor Glukhikh.

The initial decision to hand the tower over to the region was made on October 11 at the Mass Communications Ministry meeting chaired by Deputy Communications Minister of the Russian Federation Denis Sverdlov.

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