Defense facilities in Yekaterinburg are totally unprepared for winter

23 August 2013 (09:38)

August 23, 2013. Some 10,000 residents of Yekaterinburg might face a winter without heating this year.

Yekaterinburg Council’s press service reports this has to do with the fact that the Russian Defense Ministry’s facilities are completely unprepared for the winter season. The facilities in question are four boilers at military units 20421, 32979, and 71599, at Ural Military District’s headquarters, and Power Station 19 at Military Station 32. All of these heating facilities are maintained by three companies and provide heat to 102 buildings and 2 socially important objects.

‘The local governments invite heads of these trouble facilities to attend the district and municipal sessions on the heating season preparations. What is more, the problem has been reported to the public prosecution authorities, and a letter to this extent has been directed to Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeniy Kuivashev,’ the spokesperson for Yekaterinburg Council reports.

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