International photo project launched at Seversky Pipe Plant’s museum

31 July 2013 (09:16)

July 31, 2013. A new international photo exhibition was presented at Seversky Pipe Plant’s Severskaya Blast Furnace Museum. The exhibition is called There Are No Borders to the World – There Are Cardinal Directions, the enterprise’s press service reports.

The project features two exhibitions, in fact. The first one is called Greece in My Heart and was coordinated at the initiative of and with the efforts of representatives of Corinth Pipeworks S.A. (CPW), a partner of Pipe Metallurgical Company in their joint venture TMK-CPW (based on the premises of one of Seversky Pipe Plant’s departments). This part of the exhibition features works by CEO CPW Sarados Milios and his compatriot Gkikas Melachrinos. The Russian part of the exhibition comprises photographs taken by employees of Seversky Pipe Plant and residents of Polevskoy. The beauty of local scenery and of big cities and small towns became the key theme of this exhibition.

‘Our business partnership is growing stronger over the years, and we have reached some visible results that we can be proud of. I am glad our cultural ties are strengthening as well: professional quality photographs taken by my colleagues really do give a spectator a chance to get acquainted with the rich Greek history and its unique traditions,’ said TMK-CPW BOD Member Apostolos Papavasiliou, who was present at the opening ceremony.

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