Number of complaints to Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities goes up 13% in 2013

26 July 2013 (16:06)

July 26, 2013. About 57,000 complaints and claims were placed with Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities in the first six months of 2013, which was 13% more than a year earlier, the spokesperson for the authorities reports.

About 30,000 complaints and claims have been dealt with by Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities over the said period. About 60% of those relate to compliance with the law and to legitimacy of normative acts; this includes cases that have to do with the violation of labor law (11% of claims), housing law (16%) and with the investigative and inquiry proceedings and compliance with the law at the stage where criminal proceedings are instituted (19%).

The fact that such complaints get placed with the authorities has to do with the unstable socioeconomic situation in a particular area, low profits made by some of the local enterprises, and poor housing maintenance.

In order to restore the citizens' rights, public prosecutors issued over 200 protests and placed about 2,000 claims with courts.

Thanks to the prosecutors' prompt reaction to first-time complaints, the number of repeat complaints dropped by 11%, while the number of sustained complaints also decreased by 6%. which means that timely detection of any legal violations and preventive measures have grown more effective.

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