Bank NEIVA launches Visa Crypto + SafeTouch

24 July 2013 (18:26)

July 24, 2013. Bank NEIVA proved the first bank to develop and introduce the newest hacker protection system for its e-banking programs. The bank created a unique system for the safe storage of data and using an electronic signature: Visa Crypto + SafeTouch. The system is used in the remote finance administration systems, the bank's press service reports.

'It is impossible to imagine today's businesspeople who wouldn't manage their settlements account online. We all use mobile technologies in one way or another. How can one protect one's finances against the very advanced hackers who think up of new break-in methods every day? Cybercrime in the e-banking sector is constantly on the rise, and the hackers' methods keep growing more and more sophisticated,' the bank's experts say.

While banks employ whole teams of professionals who can efficiently withstand the offenders' attacks, not every business can afford to hire professional computer safety experts. These are the customers' computers that are the most vulnerable link in the e-banking chain.

Visa Crypto + SafeTouch makes it possible to use electronic signature keys even if a computer is infected by viruses and is remotely controlled by some cyber-criminals.

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