Prague, Barcelona prove most popular cities with Yekaterinburg holidaymakers

24 July 2013 (18:26)

July 24, 2013. Prague and Barcelona proved the most popular foreign cities with the Yekaterinburg holidaymakers in the summer of 2013. As far as vacations abroad are concerned, the Urals' residents travel to Spain, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Montenegro most often. On average, Yekaterinburg residents are going abroad for six days this summer, and pay the average of 4,100 RUR per day for their hotel stays,'s press service reports on the summer 2013 hotel booking statistics.

The most favorite holiday destinations for Yekaterinburg tourists this summer are Prague, Barcelona, Vilamoura, Petrovac, Dresden, Rome, Berlin, Tallinn, Venice, and Amsterdam, while the countries with the most bookings for the summer of 2013 are Spain, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Portugal, France, Denmark, Estonia, and Turkey.

Yekaterinburg residents spend the longest in Prague (7 days) and Barcelona (5 days), while the shortest trips are made to Amsterdam and Venice (2 days). About 4,000 RUR a day gets spent on staying in Rome, and some 2,200 RUR a day are spent in Prague and Dresden. The locals stay in Portugal and Montenegro the longest – for about a fortnight. For France, the average staying time comes to 2 days.

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