Yekaterinburg businesspeople can get market research done for free

22 July 2013 (17:33)

July 22, 2013. Yekaterinburg Business Activity Development Fund is now accepting applications for market research and business promotion advice.

The spokesperson for Yekaterinburg Administration reports that the fund is offering market research and audit of the existing marketing plans and research findings free of charge.

'Experience has shown that market research and promotion worry the businesspeople much more than the financial support instruments. A business person might often come up with a wonderful project and find out upon entering the market that there are quite a few similar startups already there. As a result, the business gets smothered by competitors and employees lose their jobs. We are now launching a new instrument from the municipal authorities in order to help businesses understand if the product would be popular on the market and how it should be promoted. Our main goal is to promote the development of small and medium enterprises and to facilitate the creation of new jobs,' says the director of the fund Yulia Malozemova.

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