STM-Service to service Russian Railways' locos

17 July 2013 (17:48)

July 16, 2013. STM-Service, a daughter company of Sinara-Transport Machines, is going to do operation and maintenance of Russian Railways' locos run by Sverdlovsk-Sortirovochny depot; such a decree was signed by President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, Sinara Group's PR Center reports.

Under this document, STM-Service is now given access to the facilities, buildings, and technological equipment of Sverdlovsk Locomotive Repair Depot and provides full maintenance of its fleet of locos. The depot currently operates over 300 2ES6 and VL11 locos and about 50 TEM18 and TEM7A locos.

The depot's 1,000 workers will be now employed with STM-Service. Russian Railways' traction equipment repairs department will still operate and maintain the primary and auxiliary safety equipment and radio devices. Besides, Russian Railways will still remain in charge of maintaining the buildings, the structures, and the technological equipment and check compliance with the fire safety requirements, industrial safety requirements, and environmental protection requirements.

According to Sinara-Transport Machines Director Evgeny Gritsenko, the fact that the holding has now joined a pilot project on all-round maintenance of Russian Railways locos proves once again that the company is a reliable and professional partner of the railway company. All the procedures relating to handing Sverdlovsk Locomotive Repair Depot over to STM will be completed by the end of 2013.

'By taking over the depot, STM-Service will ensure the continuity of production process and meeting the its key performance indicators. The company will also guarantee the same welfare benefits schemes to all the employees who will be transferred from the depot to STM-Service,' Gritsenko promised.

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