ChTPZ Group to take part in Innoprom-2013 Job Counseling Day

June 26, 2013. ChTPZ Group intends to take part in the Job Counseling Day during the Innoprom 2013 exhibition, the company’s press service says.

This year, the group is going to present its business, society, and army cooperation project at the exhibition; this will be a part of a multi-faceted new-generation employee training program. More than 50 volunteers, including people from the Group’s White Metallurgy division, ChTPZ Educational Center students, and the first alumni of the Future of White Metallurgy Program who have served their term in the army, will take part in the event.

‘Throughout all the four days of the exhibition, visitors to ChTPZ stand will be able to witness a grand, colorful performance. On the last day of Innoprom, the exhibition’s younger guests will be in for a lot of surprises, including an interactive show called If Not Me, Then Who? – with a distinct patriotic bent. The former army soldiers will offer a workshop on marching drills for all those willing to take part, and, finally, some mascots, surprises, and presents are expected,’ the press release says.

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