Aluminum production to drop down to 25,000 tons at BAZ in Krasnoturinsk

26 June 2013 (09:20)

June 26, 2013. UC RUSAL is going to reduce aluminum production at Bogoslovsky smelter down to 25,000 tons a year, with only Section 6 in operation. The company expects to produce 300,000 tons less of aluminum altogether this year than last year, which has to do with unfavorable market opportunities, RUSAL First Deputy DG Vladislav Soloviev said in his interview to Prime Agency.

‘The matters are quite settled with Bogoslovsky - we will buy Bogoslovsky heat & power station and will only leave Section 6 in operation, which will produce about 25,000 tons of metal,’ the top manager replied to the question regarding the aluminum production shrinking.

It is also possible that production volumes will go down at all of the company’s plants, including the ones in Siberia. Yet all of RUSAL’s Russia-based alumina plants are actually profit-making enterprises, so no production shrinkage is planned there.

All in all, the situation remains difficult in the aluminum industry, Soloviev says.

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