MMK to direct 12.7bn RUR to environmental protection in the next three years

20 June 2013 (09:28)

June 20, 2013. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works DG Boris Dubrovsky’s decree introduced an environmental protection investment program for 2013-2015, the company reports.

The main idea behind the program is to facilitate the implementation of MMK’s environmental policy, improve the enterprise’s environmental management system, facilitate meeting the environmental legislation requirements, and ensure environmental safety. Some of MMK’s major environmental investment projects in the next two years have to do with the company’s sintering plant. For one, a number of sulfur-trapping units will be installed, and suction systems will be built in the unloading and agglomerate cooling sections of Sintering Plant 4. In addition, a number of large-scale environmental projects will be implemented at the company’s coke and by-product process department’s chemical compounds processing section, where the coke gas cooling cycle system is being renovated (a heat-exchange unit will come to replace the tower coolers) and a new mechanical and biochemical wastewater purification system is being designed.

The suction system of open-hearth furnace 10 is now being reconstructed in the company’s blast-furnace department; also, the suction systems of furnaces 2 and 6 are expected to be redesigned as well. A facility for dehydrating the converter slime is being put up at the energy department. All in all, MMK’s environmental investment program for 2013-2015 covers a full or a partial implementation of 32 large-scale ‘green’ projects that will amount to more than 8bn RUR in terms of costs altogether.

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