Sverdlovsk Region, Kyrgyzstan to sign MoU

14 June 2013 (09:22)

June 14, 2013. Following Sverdlovsk Region Culture Minister Pavel Krekov to Kyrgyzstan, an agreement was reached on holding cultural exchange days: Kyrgyzstan Days in Sverdlovsk Region in 2014 and Sverdlovsk Region Days in Kyrgyzstan in 2015, the region’s government’s press service reports.

The agreement was reached in the course of Pavel Krekov’s meeting with the Kyrgyz Minister for Culture, Information, & Tourism Sultan Rayev; the two parties agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding there. The ministers also talked about a number of common problems and cultural development directions and decided that the two ministries should cooperate in order to build on the cultural interaction between Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

During his visit to Kyrgyzstan, Sverdlovsk Region minister also met the Rector of Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, academician Vladimir Nifadyev. The two parties shared their expertise on a wide range of vital issues and problems in the field of contemporary vocational education, science, and culture, and talked about integrating the two countries’ experience into the trans-border Eurasian region. Krekov also held a question and answer session for students from the University’s International Journalism Department.

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