RSG International Limited gets AA- credit rating

5 June 2013 (09:59)

June 5, 2013. RSG International Limited (the head company of KORTROS Group, known as Renova-StroyGroup prior to a re-branding campaign) was given the AA- credit rating, National Rating Agency reports.

On April 5, 2012, the Agency assigned a rating to Renova-StroyGroup for the first time. Now the rating is given to a legal entity as such, that is, to the Group’s head company RSG International Limited.

KORTROS Group is now Russia’s 5th largest developer in terms of the amount of housing commissioned in 2012. The Group coordinates some unique projects that are known as the multi-faceted area development projects. These projects combine putting up new housing blocks simultaneously with all the necessary infrastructure from a comfortable yard to kindergartens and schools to business-purpose buildings that will create jobs for the local residents.

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