EXPO 2020 expects Yekaterinburg to win the right to host event

28 May 2013 (09:15)

May 28, 2013. EXPO 2020 Application Committee expects Yekaterinburg to win in the competition for the right to host the international exhibition. The committee’s deputy Director-General Sergey Kolushev can guarantee that the city meets all the requirements set out for the events held on such a scale, RIA Novosti reports.

On Friday, Yekaterinburg’s application for hosting the exhibition was presented at Russia’s Embassy in London. The committee presented a project of a facility that is to be built in Yekaterinburg in case the city wins the tender. According to Kolushev, the city will need $50bn in investments in order to get ready for the event; about half of this sum is supposed to come from private investors, including foreign businesses.

‘We invite all the international companies to take part in this project (building the facility) and improving the city infrastructure (the airport and the transportation system). We expect them to take part in building a hotel network and in putting up the exhibition buildings, for we definitely need some foreign experience,’ Kolushev said.

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