Yekaterinburg gets road repair team

17 May 2013 (15:17)

May 17, 2013. Yekaterinburg Council is setting up an ad hoc team that will be in charge of speeding up the coordination of all the road repair schedules and projects, the council's press officer reports.

Experts from the council's respective committees, contractors' representatives, and road police officers will be meeting at the town hall through the summer road construction season every Tuesday in order to coordinate the closing and repair of roads. Such an approach to road repairs will ensure a faster decision-making on a whole range of problems that can hardly be resolved when considered separately by each party involved.

To improve the quality of the road repair, the team members are expected to allow for a special time slot between the start and finish times for each particular piece of road. This will make an allowance for bad weather conditions (so that the contractors don't have to work on rainy days for fear of missing the deadline) and will ensure the quality and strength of the asphalt after the laying jobs are finished.

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