Sverdlovsk Region’s retail trade turnover to reach 1 trillion RUR in 2013

15 May 2013 (09:26)

May 15, 2013. ‘Sverdlovsk Region’s trade market is still one of the largest ones in Russia. Every year, our output keeps on growing, and in 2013 the region’s retail trade turnover is expected to reach about 1 trillion RUR,’ says the region’s Deputy Agriculture & Foods Minister Tatiana Popova.

Sverdlovsk Region’s retail trade turnover came to 858.8bn RUR last year, which was 12.3% and 6.4% more than a year earlier in actual and comparable prices, respectively, Sverdlovsk Region Government Press Service & Information Department reports.

The region’s retail trade network currently comes to more than 25,000 outlets. Most of these are stationary assets such as stores and shopping centers (77%), and 23% is made up of non-stationary assets. 22% of Sverdlovsk Region’s retail outlets are located in Yekaterinburg (followed, in terms of scale, by Nizhniy Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky, Serov, and other towns).

The total area of shopping space increased by over 250,000 sq m, or 8% last year.

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