Sputnik Club Finishes Hockey Season off

1 April 2013 (09:23)

April 1, 2013. Sputnik Hockey Club, sponsored by Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation, completed its Supreme Hockey League 2012/2013 season. The Nizhniy Tagil hockey players fought hard in the quarter-final but were finally defeated by the Voronezh-based Buran (3:4), Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

For the first time over the last six years, Sputnik has made it to the second stage of the play-off. The quarter-final matches were limited to four victories, and after two initial matches (which Sputnik hosted as the team that did better in the regular games) the rivals’ score was 1:1. Then, the Nizhniy Tagil players lost two games in Voronezh, so the result of the quarter-final seemed already pre-destined. Yet the Uralvagonzavod sports players pulled themselves together and won during the overtime in the course of a home game. Then, there was a real breakthrough in Voronezh: the score was 0:2 in the first part of the game, but then Sputnik scored 5 times!

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