Team of Sverdlovsk Region Workers Sent to Chelyabinsk to Help with Meteorite Damage

22 February 2013 (09:22)

February 22, 2013. The communal housing services managing companies based in Sverdlovsk Region and Yekaterinburg decided to direct a group of their employees to Chelyabinsk Region to help with clearing off all the damage caused by the recent meteorite shower, Sverdlovsk Region’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

The region’s Energy & Communal Housing Services Ministry reports that a team of twenty rescuers was sent to the neighboring Chelyabinsk Region today. These people will take part in re-installing window panes in the apartment buildings and socially important structures. This group will join another team of Sverdlovsk Region workers, who have been toiling there for a few days now.

Now on February 15 a shock wave caused by a meteorite shower damaged a number of apartment buildings and socially important structures in Chelyabinsk Region.

Governor Evgeny Kuivashev telephoned Governor of the Southern Urals territory Mikhail Yurevitch and talked about the possible help that Sverdlovsk Region could offer Chelyabinsk.

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