SKB-Bank Gets on Russia’s Top20 Banks List

13 February 2013 (09:35)

February 13, 2013.’s analysts drew up a rating of Russia’s largest banks in terms of lending to private individuals as of February 1, 2013. Only three Sverdlovsk Region-based banks made it to the top twenty, including SKB-Bank, the lending institution’s press service reports.

The volume of loans offered to private individuals exceeded 60.96bn RUR, which was 47.3% more than a year earlier. However, the speed at which the bank’s lending portfolio gained in volume did not affect its quality in any way: SKB-Bank can boast a less than 3% overdue debt ratio on its consumer loans, which is one of the lowest figures among the country’s top twenty banks. What is more, the overdue debt levels decreased by 17.5% last month.

The rating of banks that is based on the scale of their lending to private individuals is available via’s website.

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