VUZ-Bank hits Russia’s Top100 list

30 May 2011 (09:13)

RBC Rating and came up with a rating of Russia’s 500 largest banks. The rating contestants were ranked on the basis of several criteria, including the size of net and liquid assets, a bank’s lending portfolio, the volume of loans issued to businesses and private individuals, and a bank’s deposit portfolio.

According to the ranking based on the banks’ liquid assets as of April 1, 2011, VUZ-Bank was one of Russia’s 300 largest banks, with its liquid assets growing by 49.43% in the course of one year, which secured the company a promotion in the rating by as many as fifty-seven points.

As for the volume of loans offered to private individuals, VUZ-Bank is now on the list of Russia’s Top100 banks (it was given the 90th position by the rankers).

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