ChTZ Wins Contract for Supplying Bulldozer

31 January 2013 (09:37)

March 31, 2013. Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ) won a tender for supplying a mulcher-fitted bulldozer to MRSK Center & Volga Region, an energy supplier, Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s press service reports.

The vehicle is meant for clearing up the fire-breaks where the mains are located. Treating the wood lots with mulchers will prevent new vegetation from growing around the electric mains support.

The machine’s powerful cutter processes the remainder of the lumber, tree stumps that are under 25mm in diameter, bush, and brushwood into some fine powder that does not even need disposing of – it actually serves as a soil fertilizer. After the mulcher has done its work, the area is ready for planting new trees, making new roads, and laying pipelines or building electric mains.

This is an all-purpose vehicle that will primarily be useful for the foresters in terms of reclaiming the cut-down forest areas. The bulldozer can clear up a 2.3-meter-wide strip at one go.

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