Uralvagonzavod Assembles 75-Ton Pouring Crane

January 24, 2013 As part of Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s technical upgrades program, the assembly of a 75-ton pouring crane began at the head plant’s open-hearth department. The use of the crane will help to reduce the workload of the cast-house. What is more, the installation of modern equipment will allow the company considerably to improve the employees’ working conditions, Uralvagonzavod’s press service reports.

The new crane, manufactured in Ukraine, came to replace its worn-out and obsolete counterpart made as early as 1969. This is a specialized kind of a pouring crane that has two lifting mechanisms. In addition to the 75-ton lifting device meant for scoop preparation and ladling liquid metal, the crane also has an ancillary lifting device for things like slag discharge and vehicle unloading.

The up-to-date lifting mechanism fully meets the new, stricter industrial safety requirements. Its ergonomic design and its 100% airtight pit with an air conditioner and all the safety devices make the working conditions much more comfortable for the crane operators.

The assembly of this 75-ton pouring crane is unique in that all the jobs are being implemented without any production stoppages. By now, all the mechanical parts of the device have already been assembled, including the main and the auxiliary wagons and the bridges. Nizhniy Tagil-based Engineering Technical Center was chosen as the general contractor for the project. The completion of the assembly and the launch of the crane are expected to take place in late February.

In fact, the open-hearth department will keep getting upgraded: in the near future, two charging box magnet cranes will be replaced in the charge-holding bay.

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