STZ Commissions Ladle Furnace Power Regulator

January 18, 2013 Simelt Micro, an up-to-date power regulator for a ladle metallurgy facility, was commissioned at the electric furnace shop of Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ, a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company/TMK).

Now that the automated control system is modernized with the help of Simelt Micro electrodes, the ladle furnace can be used in a more energy-efficient and productive way; besides, the electrodes can now be positioned with absolute precision and so the furnace is compatible with any automated control system. The beauty of the new electrode control system Simelt Micro lies in the improved smelting performance and efficient use of resources as well as great user friendliness, a long lifespan of the electric components, low costs, and decreased demand for new electrodes.

The modernization of the ladle furnace unit was done the company’s IT Department technicians and Siemens employees without any interruptions in the units’ performance. First, the technicians dismantled the old two-strand units and installed the new, four-strand ones. Then, SimaticS5 controllers were replaced with the next generation SimaticS7 ones, and the automated control system’s visual display system was also upgraded. Finally, the new, Siemens-manufactured Simelt Micro electrodes power regulator was installed.

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