Sverdlovsk Region Introduces Minimum Wage for Industrial Enterprises

December 26, 2012. A special agreement was signed by Sverdlovsk Region Government, the regional-scale employer organization called Sverdlovsk Region Union of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs, and Sverdlovsk Region Trade Union Federation. The document is only a short-term one for the time being and will be valid in 2013-2014.

This agreement determines the general principles for regulating the social and labor relations and the corresponding economic relations in Sverdlovsk Region. The agreement is targeted at providing socioeconomic stability in this federal constituency.

For one, the paper determines the new minimum wage requirements: starting on October 1, 2013, this will come to nearly 6,100 RUR. Also, the new standards of pay have been introduced in the civil service sector; so have the new labor protection requirements. What is more, the agreement contains a clause that allows any foreign worker who gets employed with an enterprise to do so with the help of and coordination from a trade union.

Another important fact is that this trilateral agreement contains about 300 paragraphs, with 7 more paragraphs placed in the discrepancy report: these points are still being negotiated upon.

As for Sverdlovsk Region Government, the agreement was signed by Prime Minister Denis Pasler on its behalf.

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