Lobvinsky Biochemical Plant — waking up a «sleeping» asset?

LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory», who hasbeen in a frozen statefor several years, is now possibly becoming the subject of investing.

Recollecting its history, LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory» has been possessed by the Ural businessman Mars Sharafulin who conservedthe enterprise due to his absence in the region. LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory» came under the management of Mars Sharafulin in 2009 by the decision of the Sverdlovsk region Security Council. This decision was made as a resolution to the disastrous state of the plant brought to the production collapse and bankruptcy by the former owner, who is now taken to prison. Disruption of the output caused widespread wage arrears and debts to creditors of the enterprise. Having received LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory», Mars Sharafulin repaid all the debts to employees and normalized relations with the asset partners. The managing team projected the plant’s equipment conversion to output high-tech products and found necessary investment.

However, due to compulsory abroad departure of Mars Sharafulin LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory»was transferred to the base capacity preservation.

At the moment, Mars Sharafulin lives in France, where he works together with foreign partners on the assets in Europe and East Asian countries, without showing his presence in the Ural region. Most of his industrial enterprises are actually managed by European investors.

Meanwhile, according to a source close to the LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory» the plant is revising structural modernization project. LLC «Lobvinsky biochemical factory, the citymade enterprise, would offer stable work to about 1,000 people and produce tax revenues of 800 million rubles a year.

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